You are totally missing what Trump accomplished. He transformed the Republican party from a "conservative" party to a "populist" party. True liberals are flocking to the Republican party.

Remember "liberalism" is founded on the principles of freedom and equality. In contrast, the Democratic party once the bastion of liberalism is rapidly transforming into the party of progressivism. And while they may "co opt" the term "liberalism" to hang on to their past, progressive liberalism is an oxymoron.

Since liberalism at its core calls for limited government and progressivism calls for centralized government.

When you refer to the Big Lie are you referring to the fact that Hillary Clinton claimed the election was stolen from her even four years later? If you fail to recognize the symmetry of Trump's and Clinton's claims then you are clearly biased. If you do recognize them, then it does not seem any different than Gore's claim that he won and perhaps that is "natural" when elections are close.

But getting back to the Republican party, you fail to recognize the Republicans gained more than 300 net seats in state legislatures around the country, one net governorship, fifteen plus or minus House seats, lost 3 seats in the Senate and the Presidency.

Political experts would suggest this means the "nation" in general is moving towards Trump's populist policies, while select urban countries move toward Democrats. The battleground is around 150 suburban counties. They voted Republican in 2020 except they voted for Biden. In simple terms, suburban women did not like Trump. But a "Trump" Republican who is not Trump is likely to win those voters back based on how they voted in House and state elections.

I think your bias is blinding you... there is no doubt urban America leans Democratic and rural America leans Republican... but suburban America is not a fan of Trump the man or Democratic policies. That should scare Democrats...




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Michael F Schundler

Michael F Schundler

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