Surround yourself with like minded people and you can convince yourself you are right.

The three biggest issues at this time are issues the Democrats are weak on...

1) crime. No amount of gaslighting will change the reality that Democratic ideology has led to a surge in crime in Democratic led cities.

2) border security. No amount of talk about root causes will convince Americans that millions crossing our border illegally are okay

3) spending and taxes. As soon as the Democrats even make a half hearted modest effort to cut the budget deficit based on their proposed spending from $2 trillion to even $1 trillion, they will lose which ever groups bears that cost. If they go after the wealthy as they propose, their campaign funding will dry up... if they go after the middle class independents will turn on them faster Judas being handed a bag of gold.

The honeymoon is coming to an end, and as the credit card statement rolls in, people are going to rethink things.




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Michael F Schundler

Michael F Schundler

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